Allure Artistry: Discover a unique jewellery collection inspired by Broome

As Broome re-opens and we welcome new friends and familiar faces back, we are delighted to introduce the latest additions to our High Jewellery collection.

The High Jewellery collection features an exquisite range of unique, handcrafted South Sea pearl jewellery pieces, designed and crafted in limited numbers in Broome. Each piece reflects the high standard of design and quality of craftsmanship synonymous with Allure South Sea Pearls. 

Allure’s Head Designer, Chelsea Stewart, sketches an Allure High Jewellery piece.

It’s no secret our home of Broome is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty and highly desirable South Sea pearls.

From dinosaur footprints dotted along the coastline to the Kimberley’s exquisite tidal creek systems, Allure’s latest high jewellery pieces encapsulate iconic elements of Broome’s landscape while drawing on the singular beauty of South Sea pearls.

Here we share deeper insights into the inspiration and design process behind Allure’s High Jewellery capsule collections – Sauropod, Sky and Aerial.


A particularly spectacular site to marvel at during a morning wander in Broome are the dinosaur footprints left by Sauropods over 130 million years ago.

The prints were formed as dinosaurs crossed the wet sandy areas of what was once a large river delta between surrounding forest. The footprints are now visible on sandstone rock platforms along the coastline, with Gantheaume Point being one of the most well known places to spot them.

Left: Sauropod print pendant and Sauropod split band ring. Right (from left): Sauropod print pendant, Sauropod split band ring, Sauropod earrings and Sauropod print square pendant.

With over 20 different types of dinosaur tracks represented, Broome is home to the most diverse dinosaur footprint fauna in the world.

Inspired by these prints, Allure’s Sauropod collection features rare white keshi pearls set against hand forged, beautifully domed 18-carat gold. The design of the Sauropod print square pendant, Sauropod print pendant, Sauropod split band ring and Sauropod print earrings reflect the significant history held on these sites, which connects to the Indigenous songlines and culture.

Sandstone rock where Sauropod prints are dotted along Broome’s coastline. Image by Richard Young.


The wet season in Broome brings long, hot days subdued only by the ensuing rain. With the air humid as the storm brews, majestic cloud formations which build against piercing blue skies reward those who have battled the heat.

The Sky collection is both soft like the clouds which form, and bold like the downpour that follows.

Left: Sky oval link necklace. Right: Sky earrings and Sky ring.

Large in scale, these pieces reflect the powerful, grand nature of the storms unique to Broome’s wet season.  Delicately placed baroque pearls set against 18-carat gold reflect the organic, fluid nature of the striking white peaks which inspire them, captured in the Sky ring, Sky earrings and Sky oval link necklace.

Cloud peaks forming at Gantheaume Point. Image by Richard Young.


The aerial view of the Kimberley tidal creek systems is both impressive in mass and exquisite in intricacy. At sunrise, the light glistening on the flats magnificently transforms each stream into a thread of gold, elegantly stretching out to sea.

Aerial view pendant, Aerial view ring and Aerial view bracelet.

The Aerial collection encapsulates this divine moment in nature through an assortment of champagne and white diamonds splashed onto a canvas of 18-carat gold. The irregular placement of the diamonds on the Aerial view pendant, Aerial view bracelet and Aerial view gold ring portrays the dazzling effect of the sun as it hits the water.

An aerial shot of the Kimberley tidal creeks. Image by Richard Young.

Left: Aerial view pendant and Aerial view ring. Right: Aerial view ring.

The Sauropod, Sky and Aerial collections are part of Allure’s High Jewellery range and are available exclusively in Allure’s Broome and Subiaco showrooms, as well as online.

To enquire about the pieces, please get in touch via live chat or email [email protected].

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