Allure spring racing inspiration

It isn’t every day a woman has the opportunity to embrace her femininity, style an outfit and embellish it with elegant pearls and jewels to truly feel a million dollars. Nor does she have the chance to enjoy this in radiant weather and blue skies against the picturesque backdrop of Broome. The 2017 Broome Cup is an exciting event, once a year, when she can spend the day basking in this coastal locale, sipping champagne, in her finest ensemble.

Allure Fashions on the Field – a competition which sees a stylish collective of women vying for a piece from the Allure South Sea Pearls collection is a highlight of the annual Spring racing event. In 2016, former Bachelor contestant Nikki Gogan judged the competition alongside Allure South Sea Pearls’ Libby Youd and media personality Rayne Embley. The stylish trio said patterned dresses and pops of colour, complemented by pearl jewellery, were amongst the seasons top trends.

At the August 19 event, trends are anticipated to highlight natural beauty using neutral colours in light and luscious fabrics, paired with one-of-a-kind head pieces and jewellery. The pièce de résistance of the outfits will be the incorporation of pearls, serving as a reflection of what the iconic Kimberley destination is known for.

Whether it be through a luminous addition on their striking head piece, stackable rings to draw attention to the hands or an intricate necklace, an Allure South Sea pearl piece will always finish a Spring racing outfit off to perfection.

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