The art of Italian dressing with Perth Stylist Nilofar Khirzad

The cooler seasons often see sartorial choices steer to black and more of a minimalist colour palette, but colour doesn’t only have to be reserved for summer days.

We spoke to Nilofar Khirzad a Perth-based stylist and owner of luxury gentleman’s boutique Khirzad, after an inspiring buying trip to beautiful and bustling Milan Fashion Week. Paired with exquisite Allure South Sea pearl jewellery, Nilofar shares her tips to incorporate colour and Italian flair into winter dressing.

‘I love creating a strong look that fuses femininity with confidence’ says Nilofar. ‘To add that extra touch of glamour, a piece, or several, of stunning Allure jewellery is key to finishing off your look’. Nilofar describes her personal style as ‘colourful, structured and highly detailed’, all synonymous with the art of Italian dressing. This comes as no surprise, as she regularly visits the land of ‘La Dolce Vita’. 

Her love for European style and culture transcends to her life in Perth. Her boutique Khirzad, is home to some of Italy’s most renowned sartorial labels, which sees her travel to Milan several times a year to meet with designers and attend Fashion Week. Nilofar decided to open the men’s emporium on King Street to bring that charismatic Italian flair and bold dressing to the gentlemen of Perth, as she wanted to offer something truly unique.

‘I think because I wear colour every day and both my store and home are very European, I never seem to escape that bold and interesting style’. Nilofar says it’s easy to add a little bit of that European flair to your look, here are her styling tips to bring the art of Italian dressing to your winter wardrobe:

– Wear your clothes with confidence, fashion is supposed to be fun

– Choose coloured pearls, these will add an element of interest to your look and jewellery collection

– Dare to wear colour, even if it is just a small pop like a bright scarf

– Layer your pearl strands, this is an easy way to make a style statement

– Be bold, wear prints or interesting textures 

– More is more, wear striking cocktail rings or stack minimal pearl rings, or do both

– Add a statement piece, for instance, a fur jacket to a more casual look

– Finally, listen to some mambo Italiano and enjoy a Campari

Add a little bit of Allure to your winter wardrobe by discovering our e-boutique or visiting one of our locations.

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