Celebrating Nature’s Most Coveted Treasure

“A pearl is a living gem, a miracle of nature” William (Bill) Reed (AM), co-founder, Allure South Sea Pearls.

With breath-taking luminosity, pearls have been coveted as symbols of status and wealth for many centuries. In June each year, the natural beauty of these precious gems are celebrated with the Month of the Pearl.

Born far below the surface of pristine coastal waters, South Sea pearls are among the rarest and most exquisite gems. Unlike diamonds, they do not need to be cut or polished to reveal their radiant beauty.

For decades, Allure South Sea Pearls has sourced only the finest quality gems from some of the world’s most remote and beautiful shores. Each pearl weaves its own unique narrative, formed through its lustre, shape, complexion, size and colour.

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing properties, the colour of a South Sea pearl ranges from classic white to exotic black and intense gold. In celebration of the Month of the Pearl, discover the beauty of each of these naturally-occurring hues.

For effortless class and a hint of romance, the elegant white, silver and pink tones are the hallmarks of Australian South Sea pearls. These pearls are produced by the Pinctada maxima oyster, famous for the size and quality of its pearls.

Mysterious and exotic by nature, black pearls originate in Tahiti and the warm oceans of the South Pacific. Tahitian black pearls are produced by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, which is renowned for its alluring colours, from dusky black to the magnificent ‘peacock’.

Striking and dramatic, gold pearls add an element of intensity to any statement jewellery piece, ranging in colour from cream and yellow through to the coveted intense gold. These are also produced by the Pinctada maxima oyster but in the gold lip variety, which is largely found in the Philippines.

Allure exclusively sources naturally coloured pearls and selects only the finest gems from each harvest for their jewellery collections. Skilfully set in 18 carat yellow or white gold designs by master jewellery makers, every pearl shines.

Celebrate the beauty of nature’s most magnificent gem this month with a timeless piece of Allure jewellery. Discover the collection on the E-Boutique.

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