Discover the Atoll jewellery collection

It was once suggested that atolls represented the final stage of a continuing formation of reef around a sinking extinct volcanic island, that had long since disappeared.

This theory fascinated our jewellers and with such thoughts inspiring their creativity, they designed the Atoll collection.

Atolls consist of ribbons of reef whose broad range of configurations feature a closed ring-shape, which encloses a lagoon. These varying forms have been beautifully translated into this collection of diamond and South Sea pearl jewellery through the jeweller’s organic designs and thoughtful placement of diamonds. These glistening jewels represent and accentuate the sparkling waters of an atoll, and the many forms they can take, which coincidentally make wonderful beds for our spectacular South Sea pearls.


Pictured here are the gold, white gold and rose gold Atoll rings

The beautiful Clerke Reef atolls which lie 270kms off the coast of our home town of Broome, were the inspiration for this special couture jewellery collection. The set of three ‘aquariums’ lie in the middle of the ocean making up the Rowley Shoals and offer some of the best diving in Australia. 


Pictured here are the gold and white gold Atoll bangles

In celebration of this beautiful natural phenomenon, the collection includes bangles in white, yellow and rose gold which feature three seedless baroque South Sea pearls enclosed by thirty-two brilliant cut diamonds. The matching rings also feature a single seedless baroque South Sea pearl which is surrounded by 12 glistening brilliant cut diamonds. These beautiful rings were designed to be worn as a stack or singular for a minimalist look.

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