Five Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

While trends come and go, a classic piece of jewellery will last and be treasured for a lifetime. 

From subtle pieces that add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit to statement designs that showcase your personality, the key to building a great jewellery collection is to focus on quality, craftsmanship and everlasting style. 

Whether you’re helping a loved one start their jewellery collection or adding to yours, discover the five pieces of jewellery every woman should own. 

The Cocktail Ring

Bold and beautiful, this standout piece should be striking and reflect your personal style. A jewellery staple for many glamorous women, the cocktail ring was made famous in the 1920s when women of the Prohibition era wore larger-than-life rings to complement their cocktails and add dazzling luxury to their ensembles. Always a conversation starter, this party piece will take centre stage, so dare to be bold.

The Classic Strand 

Timeless and elegant, a South Sea pearl strand is a piece to be treasured from generation to generation and the foundation of any fine jewellery collection. Embodying worldly sophistication and captivating style, this classic piece will stand the test of time. 

The Tennis Bracelet

A classic which never goes out of style, the simple design of the tennis bracelet and its symmetrical line of brilliant diamonds make it a timeless and investment-worthy piece that adds something effortlessly spectacular to everyday style. The bracelet inherited its name during the US Open in 1987, when professional player Chris Evert lost her bracelet and famously asked the game officials to pause the match while she found it.

Five Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

(Allure South Sea Pearls Diamond Tennis Bracelet)

Diamond Stud Earrings

The epitome of understated elegance, a pair of glistening diamond stud earrings add just the right amount of sparkle. No matter the shape or size, this classic piece will ensure your look is polished and finished, whilst also effortlessly taking you from day to night.

Pearl Stud Earrings

A staple that suits all tastes and occasions, pearl stud earrings will pair perfectly with everything from casual denim to glamorous evening ensembles. Combining modernity with classic romance, this timeless jewellery piece will add effortless elegance to all your looks.

(Allure South Sea Pearls, Stud Earrings)

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