Golden Touch – A guide to styling gold pearls

South Sea pearls are among the rarest and most exquisite of nature’s treasures, with gold pearls opulent in style.

A particularly personal choice, pearl colours resonate with individuals for a number of reasons. It might be because it complements their style or skin tone. All of Allure’s South Sea pearls are natural in colour.

Striking and dramatic, South Sea gold pearls are produced by the gold-lip Pinctada maxima oyster, principally farmed in the Philippines. They range in colour from lighter creams, through to champagne and yellow.

The most coveted of all gold pearls is the intense gold pearl. The rarest and most valuable, this variety is visually breathtaking, with exceptional lustre.

Allure South Sea Pearls offers a range of exquisite gold pearls. Below we share a few of our favourite South Sea gold pearl looks, showcasing how to style these stunning pearls for both day and night.


For a special occasion, gold pearls make a striking styling choice for a cocktail or black-tie dress. A stunning gold pearl strand such as the Golden Circle Pearl Opera Strand pairs beautifully with the Marquise Wire Hook Gold Pearl Earrings. The Golden Circle Pearl Opera Strand is a 103-piece golden pearl strand, featuring 10-12mm cultured circle South Sea pearls with excellent lustre. Wear this versatile piece as an opera strand, or doubled or tripled over to create a shorter, layered strand.

A gold pearl strand can also be styled with gold pearl rings such as the Intense Gold Swirl Ring, or La Nina Diamond and Pearl Ring.


A shorter gold pearl strand can be paired with other understated gold pearl pieces for a classic take on gold pearls.

The Golden South Sea Pearl Strand is a 33-piece strand featuring 10-14mm near-round cultured pearls with excellent lustre. A future heirloom, this style pairs well with understated gold pearl pieces including the Diamond Halo Button Pearl Ring and matching Diamond Halo Button Pearl Earrings.

A shorter strand also looks striking with drop earrings, such as the Pave Diamond Golden Pearl Drop Earrings featuring 24 pave set diamonds and lustrous oval/drop golden South Sea pearls.


A strand featuring a combination of pearl colours, such as the First Light Mixed Keshi/Baroque Opera Strand makes a beautiful choice for everyday wear due to its versatility.

The combination of white, gold and black seedless pearls looks exquisite styled with organically shaped rings such the Sunbeam Golden Baroque Pearl Ring and Sand Trails Seedless Baroque Pearl Ring.

For an extra touch of lustre and sparkle, add the Sunbeam Golden Baroque Drop Earrings featuring a stunning pair of golden baroque cultured pearls with excellent lustre and two brilliant cut diamonds.

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Content created in collaboration with Olivia Vlachou, shot by Mason Roberts.

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