How to choose a pearl

Celebrated around the world for their radiant beauty, South Sea pearls are among the rarest and most exquisite of nature’s treasures. Each lustrous gem is as unique as its wearer – with varying natural features there is a pearl to suit every style, taste and budget. 

For those looking to add an exceptional touch to every look with an exquisite piece of South Sea pearl jewellery, deciding what type of pearl to choose is the first and often most daunting task. 

Allure South Sea Pearls hand-selects its pearls based on five natural virtues – size, lustre, complexion, colour and shape. It is a combination of these properties and natural features that determines the value and quality of each pearl, and these five natural characteristics should be considered when choosing a pearl.


Sourced predominately from the pristine coastal waters of Australia, Tahiti and the Philippines, South Sea pearls come in an array of exquisite colours. Ranging from classic white and cream to striking gold or exotic black, pearl colour is a particularly personal choice. 

Here are a few questions to consider if you are having trouble deciding on which pearl colour to choose:

All Allure pearls are natural in colour, read more about pearl colours here. 



The size of a pearl is usually its most striking and defining feature and as it increases in size, so does its value and price. Australian South Sea pearls are renowned for being the largest of all pearls due to their thick pearl nacre, so it comes as no surprise that they are the most sought-after pearls. Allure offers South Sea pearls that range in size from 8mm-20mm, with some rare gems exceeding 20mm.


The true beauty of a pearl lies within its lustre. This characteristic is regarded as one of the most important when determining the quality of a pearl and choosing a piece of jewellery. The luminous and reflective quality that makes the pearl appear to glow is created by light interacting with the numerous layers of nacre from within the pearl.


A pearl with a flawless complexion is exceptionally rare and extremely valuable. Much like diamonds that have internal flaws, most pearls will have small marks or imperfections – it is the number, size and degree of their visibility which will ultimately determine the quality and value of the pearl.


Formed by nature, pearls come in an array of different shapes. Whether you are looking for an irregular shape that complements your unique style or something more classic for the perfect strand, there are many different pearl shapes including round, oval, baroque, teardrop, circle and button pearls.

The shape of a pearl does not have an affect on its quality, however the demand and rarity of a particular shape does have an impact on value and price. For instance, perfectly round pearls are particularly rare and desirable. 

Read more about the shape of pearls here. 


Due to our longstanding expertise and industry reputation, Allure is invited to attend some of the world’s most prestigious pearl auctions, allowing us to select the highest quality pearls for our jewellery collections. 

These exceptional gems are then skilfully set in finely crafted 18-carat white or yellow gold and can be set with your choice of pearl colour to suit your personal style. Explore our South Sea pearl jewellery collection here or visit one of our locations in Subiaco or Broome.

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