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As founder Bill Reed AM says ‘there is nothing more personal and sentimental than jewellery’. With inspired designs and true craftsmanship, our master jewellers design intricate and thoughtful pieces that tell stories of nature and culture.

Come with us on a journey to discover some of our new couture pieces that have been inspired by the beautiful landscape and environment around us.

‘Journey to the sea’ 

This spectacular textured 18ct yellow gold South Sea pearl and diamond necklace was inspired by the migration of turtles in the Kimberley. These majestic creatures hatch just a stone’s throw away from our showroom, at the renowned Cable Beach and then make their way out to sea, leaving great scalloped formations in the sand. 

The juvenile turtles then spend decades out at sea before returning to the very same beach to lay their own eggs, in a great circle of life. This incredible journey is beautifully translated in the textured treatment of the necklace and the delicately placed seedless pearls and brilliant cut diamonds.



‘Songline Ring’

Incredibly intricate and architecturally designed, this 18ct two-tone diamond and South Sea pearl ring is not a physical representation of an actual song line but more a reflection of the significant cultural history it holds. 

It was inspired by the concept of song cycles and the way it creates a cultural network of stories that tie all of Aboriginal Australia together. This is beautifully depicted in the geometric lines in this ring’s design, criss-crossing across the country, north to south, east to west and diagonally, according to the journey of the ancestors.


Allure South Sea Pearls Couture yellow gold pearl and diamond ring

‘La Nina’

Inspired by the dramatic weather that the Kimberley experiences during the wet season, the ‘La Nina’ collection, which includes a masterful 37 piece South Sea pearl and diamond strand and some beautiful matching earrings, is a fitting testament to the stunning and turbulent weather Broome and its surroundings experience throughout the year.

A classic design with a modern twist, the strand features striking 18ct white gold and diamond encrusted geometric shapes that are peppered throughout the design, which beautifully represent the formation of winds building into a cyclone.



‘Upon Low Tide Ring’

This striking 18ct yellow gold clustered South Sea pearl and diamond ring is inspired by the little round sand balls created by crabs, that cover Cable Beach like a bubbly blanket. As the tide goes out to sea, sand crabs emerge from their burrows and scour the area for food, forming perfect mounds of pellets, that resemble little works of art.

As the sun goes down, these perfectly spherical shapes cast a phenomenal shadow across the coast line, which truly is a sight to be seen.


Allure South Sea Pearls-Upon-Low-Tide-yellow-gold-pearl-and-diamond-ring copy

To discover more, visit one of our Perth or Broome locations.

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