Jewels du jour: coloured gemstones

Bold, striking and breathtakingly beautiful, coloured gemstone jewellery is taking centre stage for the festive season. 

From sparkling sapphires, striking morganites to deep-red rubies, coloured gemstones are the jewels du jour, returning to the spotlight after decades of being outshone.


Once worn by emperors and empresses as a symbol of wealth, coloured gemstones fell out of favour in the 1870’s when diamonds became the ultimate symbol of love and glamour. More than a century later, some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery houses and glamorous women are choosing gemstones over traditional diamonds.


The return of coloured diamond and gemstone jewellery marks an age of making a totally unique statement, adding flair and a playful touch to every ensemble. The natural vivid hues of these exceptional stones also create a certain magic and grandeur, allowing an abundance of creativity.


Each of these unique stones is set in 18ct gold, dressed with the finest diamonds by our master jewellers and crafted into dazzling designs, but these beautiful creations are not only reserved for special occasions, they will add effortless elegance during the day and make you stand out at night.


From a striking tanzanite and diamond cocktail ring to an elegant and versatile pair of ruby and diamond detachable pearl earrings, be inspired and discover our spectacular coloured diamond and gemstone jewellery collection online or in-store.

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