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When Allure South Sea Pearls founders Bill Reed AM and Lindsay Youd speak of their craft and the timeless gems of nature they dedicate their days to, their faces light up.

As they explain the intricacies of their unique South Sea pearl jewellery pieces, or of their time spent in tranquil shores and exotic locales to source the finest pearls, the stalwarts of the industry cannot hide the joy they take from their work.

Allure was born from Bill and Lindsay’s ingrained passion and knowledge of their industry. The love the pearling pioneers have for the process of growing a pearl, from the first seeding to the birth’ two years later, has never dimmed. This fascination has continued to grow, inspiring new and unique collections.

A marine biologist and pearl farmer for over 50 years, Bill is one of the most influential names in the Australian and Tahitian pearling industries. He has been awarded the Order of Australia, and is widely-published.

Lindsay’s career started in the 1980’s as an apprentice in his family’s Subiaco jewellery business before moving to Broome in 1990 to further his knowledge of the pearling industry.

His vision for Allure South Sea Pearls has come to fruition with the opening of their newest boutique in Subiaco to complement Allure’s extensive stockist network both in Australia and internationally.

Together Bill, Lindsay and their dedicated team are committed to hand-selecting South Sea pearls against the highest standards of lustre, complexion, shape, size and colour.

Allure South Sea Pearls combines the two founders’ passion, and decades of experience, to create pieces that will stand the test of time.

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