Mother’s Day with style influencer, Olivia Vlachou

In-demand creative, e-commerce entrepreneur and new mother, Olivia Vlachou is a woman we can all take a little inspiration from.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, we spoke to Olivia to learn more about her transition to motherhood and why pearl jewellery helps add a touch of lustre to her look each morning that helps her feel happy, confident and motivated for the day ahead.

At a challenging time when social distancing rules have altered our daily routine as well as milestone celebrations, Olivia provides warm insights into how her little family of three are adjusting.

She also shares her recommendations for those planning to spoil a loved one on Mother’s Day – even if from a distance.

Mother's Day with Olivia Vlachou
Olivia wears the Upon low tide pearl and diamond pendant, South Sea pearl strand, Single loop pearl bangle and Simple gold pearl ring.

What has been your most memorable part of motherhood so far?

My favourite and most memorable thing about motherhood so far has been watching Nicholas discover everything for the first time. The world, his hands… excitement for things in everyday life I would usually take for granted.

Basil and I have been there to experience each and every one of his firsts so far. Knowing they are just that – firsts. The first smile, his first laugh. Not many parents are able to have this luxury and it will always be a beautiful time to look back on.

Olivia wears the Journey to the sea pearl and diamond necklace, Journey to the sea pearl earrings, Three keshi’s in a pod bangle

What do you love about wearing pearls and how do they complement your everyday style?

Pearls are timeless and add elegance to even the simplest of outfits. Though an investment, they retain their value and are to be treasured for a lifetime. As I get older, I am drawn to building an investment closet full of beautiful, quality pearl jewellery that I will wear over and over again – rather than fleeting trend pieces.

Pearls never go out of style, and I love that you can wear them when you’re dressed up to the nines (I wore them on our wedding day), or team them with a t-shirt and jeans, fresh-faced at home and instantly feel special and put together.

They are also known for their calming effect… What’s there not to love?

At home: The South Sea pearl strand, Gold pearl strand, La Nina diamond and pearl ring, Mixed white and gold keshi pearl ringThree keshi’s in a pod bangle.

Mother’s Day will be a little different this year as we socially distance. How will you be celebrating?

It’s a strange time as usually Mother’s Day is spent with three generations – my yiayia, my mum, my sister and I. This year will be my very first Mother’s Day as a mother myself, so not being able to share this joy with my close family will be difficult.

However, we are choosing to see the silver lining. Basil, Nicholas and I will spend the day at home in our little bubble and we will probably spend our morning the way we always do on weekends – with a sleep in, Greek coffee and breakfast in bed. Just the three of us, reflecting on how lucky we are.

Nicholas’ nickname ‘Lucky’ (short for the Greek version of his name Nikolaki) reminds me everyday of the journey to become a mother. This year, especially with everything that is going on in the world, I feel very grateful to have exactly what I’ve always dreamed of right here at home.

Olivia wears the South Sea pearl strandLoop pearl ring and Wrap around diamond mount and pearl ring.

Having a new-born can be challenging at the best of times! How have you adapted your routine with Nicholas while staying at home.

Basil and I both work from home so although this has been challenging with a newborn – it is also the reason we didn’t miss a thing in the first three months of Nicholas’ life. We have been able to share in each and every moment together which has been so special, and now with most having to isolate and start working from home, it hasn’t changed much for us as a family.

That being said, in the first two months we had plenty of help from both our parents. Now with just the two of us, we have had to establish more of a routine to ensure we are able to get everything done. I think we’ve had to work more as a team than ever before.

When you become a mum, you realise just how much you can get done in a one hour window. All of a sudden, you become the superwoman you never knew you had in you. You think to yourself, what on earth did I do with all of my time before? Let’s just say you truly learn to prioritise.

Mother's Day with Olivia Vlachou
Olivia wears the Journey to the sea pearl and diamond necklace, Journey to the sea pearl earrings, Three keshi’s in a pod bangle.

We know personal rituals can offer a sense of calm during periods of uncertainty. How are you choosing to start your days?

My daily rituals have definitely seen me through the last few months – especially the last few weeks.

I wake a little earlier than the boys in the morning, and this allows me a few moments to myself to get ready for the day ahead. Having worked from home prior to having Nicholas, I learnt the importance of still getting dressed for the day as though you’re heading out the door. So I have continued this habit through to early motherhood too.

Personal grooming makes me feel happy, confident and comfortable. While I’m spending more time at home, I still like to do my full skincare regime, brush my hair & brows, roll on my perfume and put on my jewellery. Sometimes this is just my earrings, or if I’m feeling fancy I might add a little sparkle to my look with a treasured piece of jewellery.

If what is going on in the world right now has taught me anything, it’s that every day is a special occasion. In light of that, I’m now wearing all of my favourite pieces at home. I also just dug out my Hermes tea set I was gifted for our wedding years ago. I’d always felt it was ‘too good’ to use – now I brew my morning tea in it every day!

Olivia wears the La Nina diamond and pearl ring, Mixed white and gold keshi pearl ring and Three keshi’s in a pod bangle. Pictured right, Three keshi’s in a pod bangle and Mixed white and gold keshi pearl ring.

Pearl jewellery is a memorable way to mark a special occasion. Which Allure styles would you recommend for those wanting to spoil a loved one on Mother’s Day?

It’s a tough choice, but these are a few of my favourite Allure pieces.

A sweet gesture…

I can’t look past Allure’s signature Pearl studs for their timeless simplicity, the Simple gold pearl ring for everyday elegance or the Split bale classic pearl pendant to style with any outfit.

A considered keepsake… 

The White Australian South Sea pearl bracelet is the epitome of understated elegance. I also love the modern design of the Journey to the sea pearl earrings and the classic appeal of the Single loop pearl bangle.

A piece to be passed down…

To mark a memorable occasion, the South Sea pearl strand necklace is an incredible speciality piece that will stand the test of time. I also love the unique nature of the Journey to the sea pearl and diamond necklace and the stunning Full circle diamond halo and pearl ring.

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