Pearl high jewellery inspired by Broome

Introducing, the latest pearl high jewellery additions to the Allure Artistry collection – the Ningaloo Coral and Mangroves stories.

The collection features High Jewellery pieces inspired by the stunning natural landscape of our home, Broome. 

Handcrafted by master jewellers, these pieces are elevated to High Jewellery status with innovative designs and the use of exceptional gems. Featuring lustrous South Sea pearls, exquisite diamonds and high quality 18-carat gold, they reflect Allure’s commitment to capturing the story, mystery and beauty of each pearl.

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The Ningaloo Reef south of Broome is a marine sanctuary of underwater gardens, abundant in blossoming corals. As the world’s largest fringing reef, it is home to 500 species of tropical fish.

Allure’s Ningaloo Coral pieces crafted in 18-carat yellow gold mimic the role sunlight plays on the stunning, rose shaped ridges of coral that rise from the seabed.

A luminous Australian South Sea button pearl takes centerstage in the Ningaloo Coral Pendant. The intricate nature of the coral is reflected in the pendant’s design, with ten stunning diamonds dotted throughout. Allure’s Ningaloo Coral Earrings feature two round, brilliant cut centre diamonds complemented by smaller, surrounding diamonds. The Ningaloo Coral Ring features an Australia South Sea button pearl with excellent lustre, dotted with ten sparkling diamonds.

Pearl high jewellery

The Ningaloo Coral pieces are designed to pair perfectly together, and also make a stunning statement worn as stand-alone styles.

Pearl high jewellery


The sight of the mangroves marked the beginning and end of a pearl luggers’ daily voyage. To the weary hard-hat diver, it was a welcome vista at the end of a long day at the bottom of the ocean.

Allure’s Mangrove pieces draw inspiration from the species’ natural beauty, mystique and majestic arches. Artistic craftsmanship showcases intertwined threads of gold that caresses delicately placed pearls.

Set in 18-carat yellow gold, the Mangrove Pendant features a breathtaking oval/drop Australian South Sea cultured pearl, with three round brilliant cut diamonds placed within the setting. The Mangrove Ring features a lustrous button shaped Australian South Sea cultured pearl, with five organically placed round brilliant cut diamonds.

As with the Ningaloo Coral pieces, the Mangrove Pendant and Ring make an excellent match worn together, yet are sufficiently striking to style alone. The Diamond Rondelle and Australian South Sea Pearl Neoprene Bangle from Allure’s ready-to-wear collection, also complements the pieces beautifully.

To enquire about pearl high jewellery featured in the Allure Artistry collection, please phone (08) 9388 3131, or email [email protected].

Destination imagery by Jenn Simpson and Ash Karas.

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