The Allure of Tahitian Pearls

While the weather remains cool and we continue to look for ways to ‘elevate’ our everyday look with thoughtful touches, we’ve been drawn to the exotic colours and elegant sophistication of Tahitian black pearls.


What makes Tahitian Pearls special?

Along with the Australian and Philippine South Sea pearls which deliver striking white and gold coloured pearls, Tahitian pearls are among the largest and rarest of cultured pearls.

Tahitian black pearls are produced by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, renowned for their rich range of colours from the dusky black to the magnificent, iridescent ‘peacock’.

Allure’s black pearls are natural in colour, with the Tahitian South Sea pearls sourced for our pearl jewellery internationally regarded as the finest and most prestigious in the world. They feature a distinctive lustre and superior strength, endowed by their thicker layers of nacre. When properly cared for, they will last many lifetimes.

Tahitian pearls have the ability to contain various undertones and overtones of yellow, silver, green, peacock and aubergine – or a unique combination of these hues. The range of Tahitian pearl colours, shapes and sizes available provide great versatility and flexibility to the jewellery that can be crafted using these stunning gems. Allure currently offers Tahitian pearls in 8mm – 18mm sizes.

Allure is pleased to have launched a range of new additions to the Tahitian pearl jewellery available online.

We’ve put together a number of looks to inspire your styling of our Tahitian pearls. Read below and discover the collection here.


Add elegance to a 9-5 look

A black pearl pendant can effortlessly add elegance and polish to your office look. The Tides of Tahiti Pendant features a single black pearl with highly sought-after green-grey tones which ascend to peacock and aubergine glowing through the layers of nacre. Stunning white diamonds complement and enhance the pearl’s natural lustre. A substantial pendant of this nature only needs a simple ring or two, such as the Tides of Tahiti Ring and Stackable Pearl Ring to balance the look. 

Tahitian Pearls

Model wears: Tides of Tahiti Pendant, Tides of Tahiti Ring and Stackable Pearl Ring in Yellow Gold.


Refresh a favourite cocktail dress

A cocktail setting provides the perfect excuse to wear a stunning pearl strand, showcasing the exquisite colours of the South Sea in an array of vibrant hues. Both the To the Moon Keshi Strand and the Trinity Strand will make a statement and are sure to be conversation starters. Substantial strands are best styled with smaller accompanying pieces, such as the Peacock Groove Ring, Golden Light Pearl Bracelet and Articulated French Hook Pearl Earrings.

Cocktail dressing

Cocktail dressing

Model wears (Top): To the Moon Keshi Strand, To the Moon Keshi Bracelet and Black Pearl Studs (Bottom): Trinity Strand, Articulated French Hook Pearl Earrings, Golden Light Pearl Bracelet and Peacock Groove Ring


Dress up with drama by adding Tahitian pearls

For a black tie occasion, Tahitian pearls will always add a touch of drama. The Moonlight Reflections Three Strand Necklace and Moonlight Reflections Keshi Bracelets make for a show-stopping combination, featuring an array of light silver, grey, peacock and ash-black pearls. An eye-catching cocktail ring will always finish a formal look. The Reflections on the South Sea Ring has been delicately handmade in Broome and showcases a divine peacock-coloured baroque pearl, complemented by exquisite diamonds.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls

Model wears: Moonlight Reflections Three Strand Necklace, Moonlight Reflections Keshi Bracelet – Silver and Peacock variations and Reflections on the South Sea Ring


Elevate your weekend style

Relaxed weekend dressing can remain polished with thoughtful pearl additions. The deep hues and lustre of Tahitian pearls contrast beautifully against lighter shades of apparel including ivory, beige and grey. A stunning strand such as the Shapes of the South Sea Strand, paired with the After Midnight Keshi Hooks and the After Midnight Wanderer Ring creates an effortlessly elegant daytime look.

Tahitian Pearls

Model wears: Shapes of the South Sea Strand, After Midnight Keshi Hooks and Midnight Wanderer Ring

To enquire about pieces featured in the Tahitian pearls collection, please get in touch via live chat or email [email protected].

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