The shape of a pearl

If you were asked to select your ideal South Sea pearl, what would it be?

Would you adore an exotic teardrop Tahitian pearl for a statement pendant, or perhaps a perfectly round luminous pearl from the waters near Broome to showcase in a ring?

Whatever your dream choice, like each person selecting their forever piece, every pearl is equally unique in shape, size and tone.

A pearls shape remains a mystery until the cultured pearl is harvested from the oyster it has grown inside for two years.

This final shape will ultimately influence the price and demand for that individual South Sea pearl.

A perfectly round pearl is the most expensive with this flawless shape favoured for creating the immaculate round strand.

While the untrained eye may not even notice the difference between a slightly button-shaped or near round pearl from a perfect round pearl, experts place their exclusivity lower than its perfectly round counterpart.

Yet this perceived perfection is not to every taste, with oval and teardrop pearls also presenting as a coveted choice for buyers wanting exquisite pendants and earrings.

A flawlessly matched duo of teardrop pearls is exceptionally rare, and their value matches this rarity.

Pearls with irregularities, or baroque pearls, are often less expensive than those of a regular shape, however are a favourite amongst buyers looking for a more unique and individual style.

The fascinating shapes and curves create interest, and become a welcomed challenge for creative designers.

Whatever your pearl of choice, Allure South Sea Pearls work to showcase every individual shape to create a piece which is as unique as you are.


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