Treasures of the sea

June marks the Month of the Pearl and to celebrate nature’s greatest treasures we go back to the sea to explore their origins and natural beauty.

The journey of a South Sea pearl is as romantic as the intricate and delicate process of setting them into our exquisite jewellery designs. It all begins in the pristine costal waters of Western Australia and the tropical shores of Tahiti and the Philippines.

Often referred to as a ‘natural miracle’, each pearl is truly unique. Its prized characteristics including lustre, complexion, shape, size and colour are determined by the type of oyster that homes it, the water quality, the climate and the seeding. 

Australian South Sea pearls are regarded as the finest and most prestigious in the world. It can take between two to three years for the Australian Pinctada Maxima oyster to grow a single pearl, a true testament to their rarity and value.

One of the most prized moments is when the pearl is removed from the oyster for the first time and reveals its beauty and glorious lustre. Allure South Sea Pearls hand-selects only the finest pearls from every harvest and then these treasures are used by our master jewellers into something even more spectacular. 

From timeless pieces to daring designs, Allure’s jewellery collection celebrates each pearl’s singular beauty. So celebrate Month of the Pearl in spectacular style with exquisite South Sea pearl and diamond jewellery. There is a pearl to meet every style, taste and occasion.

Black Pearls 


Renowned for their exotic and iridescent hues, black pearls are native to the warm and tropical oceans of Tahiti and the South Pacific. Produced by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, they come in an incredible palette of colours, ranging from silver and peacock to dusky black.

Get the look with our diamond and black pearl earrings, semi baroque black pearl strand and black pearl ring.

White Pearls 


Classic white pearls are the hallmark of Australian South Sea pearls and come in an array of subtle tones including cream, silver and pink. Found off the pristine coast of Broome, they are produced by the Pinctada maxima oyster which is famed for the size and quality of its pearls.

Get the look with our diamond and white pearl ring, white pearl strand bracelet, diamond and pearl bracelet and round white pearl strand necklace.

Gold Pearls 


Radiant and mesmerising, the intense hue and deep lustre of gold South Sea pearls truly make these a wonder of the sea. Produced by the gold-lip Pinctada maxima oyster, found in the exotic waters of the Philippines, their colour palette ranges from cream, champagne and yellow through to the coveted intense gold pearl.

Get the look with our round intense gold pearl strand, diamond and intense gold pearl ring, stackable gold pearl ring and diamond and gold pearl French hook earrings.

For more inspiration shop the Month of the Pearl edit or visit one of our showrooms.

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