Tahitian Black Pearl Jewellery

Tahitian black pearls are renowned for their rich range of colours from the dusky black to the magnificent, iridescent peacock. Being natural in colour, Tahitian South Sea pearls are internationally regarded as the finest and most prestigious in the world. Browse Allure’s stunning collection of black pearl jewellery now.

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Dress to impress with sophisticated and unique Tahitian black pearl jewellery. Produced by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, these South Sea pearls are renowned for their natural ability to showcase various tones of silver, green, peacock, and aubergine – or a unique blend of these hues. If you favour exotic jewellery, Tahitian black pearls are perfect for you. Elevate your look with our skilfully crafted black pearl pieces, from statement earrings and rings to lustrous strands. You’re sure to find a piece that you love from Allure’s range of the finest Tahitian black pearl jewellery in Australia.