History of Pearls

Pearls in history

Pearls are often described as the world’s oldest gemstone. They have been prized as jewels as far back as antiquity, available only to the ruling class and the very wealthy. Their beauty and mystery, formed in the depths of the ocean in exotic climes, gave rise to myths and folklore. They were tributes of conquest and gifts for royalty, helping to shape trade routes and founding the wealth of empires.

Historically, all pearls were natural pearls, found only in specific waters where a rare combination of factors coincided. With the advent of pearl farming methods in the early 1900’s, pearls became a more attainable luxury – a symbol of success, elegance and refinement.

Australian Pearls

Australian Pearls

In 1956, Australia’s first pearl farming operation opened at Kuri Bay, 480km north of Broome.

It took only a few years for these exquisite gems to attract the attention of the world’s most prestigious jewellery stores. The size, quality and beauty of Australian pearls quickly made them one of the most sought-after varieties in the world – a distinction they still enjoy today.

Each piece of Allure jewellery brings this tradition to life, sharing the beauty and the history of nature’s most magnificent gem.

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