How to Care for Your Pearl

Caring for your Allure South Sea Pearl jewellery

Pearls are among the most delicate luxuries, and it’s important to know how to care for your pearl jewellery properly. With a grade of four on the Mohs scale of hardness, pearls are easily scratched and abraded, even by other jewellery, and they are sensitive to a variety of common chemicals and cosmetics. Frequent wear and a lack of careful maintenance can also cause them to deteriorate over time.

The following guidelines will help you to enjoy the pearls you’ve fallen in love with, without compromising their longevity or future worth. With the proper care, your quality Australian South Sea pearls will keep their beauty and their value for generations.


How to look after your pearl jewellery

A few simple precautions can help you avoid unnecessary wear and damage to your pearl jewellery. It’s important to remember that settings, strings and clasps should also be included in your care regime, and will contribute to the overall condition of your jewellery.

  • Avoid contact with chemicals wherever possible.

Some chemicals and cosmetics may harm your pearl jewellery. Always allow a few minutes after applying makeup, hairspray and perfume before putting on your pearl jewellery.

  • Check clasps and fasteners frequently.

Before you put on your pearl jewellery, make sure that any moving parts operate smoothly and close firmly. Aside from maintaining the aesthetic aspect of the piece, this will help to avoid jewellery coming loose and falling onto the ground or – worse – being lost.

  • Avoid contact with sharp or abrasive surfaces.

The soft, luminous surface of pearls contrasts beautifully with other textures, however abrasive beading on clothing, rough fabrics, metal fasteners (e.g. zippers) and other jewellery or accessories can scratch or dull your pearls, particularly with frequent wear.

  • Take particular care with rings and bracelets.

Jewellery on or near your hands is more at risk of coming into contact with harmful chemicals and rough surfaces. Acids in food and perspiration can all damage your pearls, and any vigorous or messy activities should be avoided while wearing them.

  • Wipe pearls gently after every use.

After removing your beautiful pearl jewellery for the day, take a moment to wipe it clean with a soft cloth (e.g. a pearl cleaning cloth or a chamois) before storing it. Contact with your skin, perspiration and cosmetics can leave an acidic residue which can dull the lustre of your pearls over time.



How to store your pearl jewellery

Even when storing your pearl jewellery, it’s important to keep it protected. While you may not wear your pearls every day, there are a number of ways they can still be exposed to damage inadvertently.

  • Wrap and store pearls separately if possible.

Keep pearls in a soft pouch, or wrapped in velvet, tissue or silk. This will help to avoid your pearls getting scratched or damaged by contact with other jewellery. Ideally, store your pearl jewellery separately.

  • Store longer pieces flat.

Tangling, bunching and twisting can cause damage to necklaces and strands. Hanging them can also cause them to stretch. Store these longer pieces flat (and wrapped) to keep them in good condition.



How to clean your pearl jewellery

Proper cleaning will preserve the unique beauty of your pearl jewellery and help it to last longer without professional maintenance. Cleaning with water should only be undertaken when regular polishing no longer produces the desired result – excessive cleaning can cause the jewellery to wear prematurely.


Professional maintenance

All pearl jewellery will benefit from professional maintenance every few years.

  • Have your jewellery inspected and cleaned.

A professional jeweller will be able to inspect settings and fasteners and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. They will also be able to safely clean and polish your jewellery to a higher standard than you will likely achieve at home.

  • Restring your strands.

Pearl strands will require restringing every few years, depending on how often they are worn. Allure offer this service free of charge.


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